Kevin Putrajaya

Software EngineerJakarta, ID

I'm passionate about efficient problem solving using robust system architecture and agile product development.



Head of Engineering2018–now

We built a new commerce core in the shape of a multi-company ERP to add flexibility for the business. We migrated from studio to squad model so people can focus more on the products. We also made Django API for backend, React PWA for frontend, and container deployment as standard for new projects. Daily, I help management in planning and executing business initiatives, as well as supporting and setting directions for the team.

Lead Software Engineer2016–2018

I was challenged to make more impact by being a team leader, in which I coordinated with CTO, handled requirements, and manage team tasks. One of my projects was a catalog service using Django, deployed into serverless environment using CI/CD.

Software Engineer2015–2016

First time working in *NIX environments, I helped build the then-new storefront using Phalcon PHP. My next task was to design and build a REST API that will be consumed by our mobile app. It boosted my API design knowledge, which was useful later on.

SIJA Solutions

Lead Software Engineer2014–2015

I led a small team and handled international clients with minimal supervision. We were working on an investment research site, with desktop and console apps on the side. I also learned to communicate better, manage tasks, and estimate projects.

Software Engineer2013–2014

I started with limited knowledge of Microsoft stack and software engineering in general. Shortly after, I picked up more concepts and design patterns such as repository and data access objects while still being closely monitored by the company's founder.

Institut Teknologi Bandung

Bachelor of Engineering2009–2013

Despite my interest and achievements in programming since high school, I chose to study Electrical Engineering. I also joined Divisi Komputer HME ITB, in which I started to learn web development. Later on, I started doing freelance jobs and tried to build a startup.


Fullstack developmentSystem architectureDatabase designCI/CDServerlessContainerSQLNoSQLCachingIndexingQueueingCloud infrastructureTag ManagerAnalyticsPythonJavaScriptC#PHPCSSMobile App